Professor Barry C. Smith



    – (2009) The legacy of Bertrand Russell, Night Waves, BBC3, with AC Grayling.

    – (2009) “Logical Positivism”, In Our Time, BBC4, with Melvin Bragg, Nancy Cartwright and Thomas Uebel

    – (2008) The Philosophy of Wine, Philosophy Talk, with Ken Taylor and John Perry

    – (2006) Relativism, In Our Time, BBC4, with Melvin Bragg, Jonathan Ree, and Kathleen Lennon

    – (2006) The history, philosophy and culture associated with wine, Night Waves, BBC3

    – (2003) Wittgenstein – A philosophy of linguistics, In Our Time, with Melvin Bragg, Ray Monk and Marie McGinn


    – (2008) Philosophy and Neurosciences, Philosophy Bites, with Nigel Warburton and David Edmond

    – (2008) Wittgenstein’s conception of philosophy Philosophy Bites, with Nigel Warburton and David Edmond

    – (2007) Wine and Philosophy, Philosophy Bites, with Nigel Warburton and David Edmond


    – (forthcoming) in How did Internet change your life? Edited by John Brockman

    – (2009) ‘Little Changes Make the Biggest Difference’, What Scientific Ideas and Developments Do You Expect to See in Your Lifetime, Edited by John Brockman (Harper Perennial 2009)

    – (2008) ‘Monopolies Will Always Fail’ in EDGE 2007, What Are You Optimistic About? Edited by John Brockman (Harper Perennial 2008)

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    – (2007) Review of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition: an Introduction, edited by D.Braddon-Mitchell and F.Jackson (Blackwell Publishing, 2006) and The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness edited by Max Velmans and Susan Schneider in Times Higher Educational Supplement Sept 2007

    – (2007) Times Higher Educational Supplement, ‘Raise your glass’ Op Ed 25th May 2007

    – (2007) Interview with Julian Baggini, In Vino Veritas, The Philosophers’ Magazine, Issue 39, 3rd Quarter 2007

    – (2006) Guardian Newspaper: Educational Section 27th June 2006

    – (2006) Times Higher Educational Supplement, Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ Op Ed 29th Sept 2006

    – (2000) ‘Joking and Intimacy, review of Jokes: a Philosophy of Joking Matters, Ted Cohen (University of Chicago Press)’ in the Times Literary Supplement, June 23

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