Professor Barry C. Smith



  • Philosophy of language

    (2006, Edited book, with Ernie Lepore) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language, Oxford : OUP.

    * * *
    (2008) “What Remains of Our Knowledge of Language?”, Croatian Journal of Philosophy Vol. VIII, No. 22, pp. 57-75

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    (2006) “Davidson, Interpretation and First-Person Constraints on Meaning”, International Journal of Philosophical Studies,Vol.14, No.3, pp.385-406

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  • Philosophy of mind

    (1998, Edited book, with Crispin Wright and Cynthia McDonald) Knowing our own minds, Oxford : Clarendon Press.

    * * *
    (forthcoming) ‘The Publicity of Meaning and the Interiority of Mind’ in A. Coliva (ed.) Mind, Meaning and Knowledge. Themes from the Philosophy of Crispin Wright, Oxford, Oxford University Press

    (2009, Book Chapter) “Speech Sounds the Meeting of Minds”, in New Essays on Sound and Perception, eds. M.Nudds and C.O’Callaghan, (OUP 2009)

    (2006, Book Chapter) “Publicity, Externalism and Inner States”, in What Determines Content: The Internalism/Externalism Dispute, Tomas Marvan (ed.)

    (2005) ‘Consciousness: An Inner View of the Outer World’. Journal of Consciousness Studies v13. pp. 175-186

    (2001, Book Chapter) ‘Keeping Emotions in Mind’ in Understanding Emotions: Mind and Morals: edited by P.Goldie and F.Spicer (Ashgate) 2001

    (1996) ‘Does Science Underwrite Folk Psychology’ in The Philosophy of Psychology, edited by W.O’Donohue and R.Kitchener (London: Sage Publications), pp. 256-264

    (1996) ‘Frege and Chomsky on Psychologism’ in Frege: Sense and Reference One Hundred Years Later, edited by J.Biro and P.Kotatcho (Dortrecht: Kluwer) pp.25-46, 1996

  • Relativism

    (forthcoming) ‘Relativism, Meaning and Truth: Predicates of PersonalTaste’, in Context-Dependence in Thought and Language, eds. F.Recanati. I.Stojanovic

    (2005, Book Chapter) “True Relativism, Interpretation and Our Reasons for Action”. In Lectures on Relativism, Dag Westerstahl and Torbjorn Tannsjo (eds.)

  • Taste

    (2006, Edited book) Questions of Taste, The Philosophy of Wine, London : Signal Books, New York : Oxford University Press
    * * *
    (in preparation, with Ophelia Deroy) “The real taste test”

    (2008) “Same Compounds: Different Flavours?” in Wine Active Compounds: Proceedings of the WAC2008 International Conference, ed. David Chassagne, Oenopluria Media, pp.98-102 (pdf)

    (2006) “The objectivity of tastes”, in Questions of Taste, pp.41-77

  • Reviews

    (1994) Review of The Contents of Experience, edited by Tim Crane (Cambridge University Press 1993) in The International Journal or Philosophy, pp.347-350

    (1993) Review of Meaning in Mind: Fodor and his Critics, edited by B.Loewer and G.Rey, (MIT Press 1992) in The Philosophical Quarterly, pp. 560-563

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