Professor Barry C. Smith


Recent publications include: ‘Complexities of Taste and Flavour’ in Nature 486, S6 (21 June 2012) doi:10.1038/486S6a; ‘The Publicity of Meaning and the Interiority of Mind’ in Mind, Meaning and Knowledge. Themes from the Philosophy of Crispin Wright, (ed. A.Coliva) Oxford University Press 2012; ‘Empathie et perception des valeurs’ in Dialogue 2012;  ‘The Chemical Senses’, Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception, Oxford University Press (ed. M. Matthen) forthcoming;  ‘Relativism, Disagreement and Predicates of Personal Taste’, in Context-dependence, Perspective and Relativity, (eds. F.Recanati. I.Stojanovic, N.Villanueva) De Gruyter  2010; ‘Speech Sounds and the Direct Meeting of Minds’ in Sounds and Perception: new philosophical essays, (eds. M.Nudds and C.O’Callaghan), Oxford University Press 2009.

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